Hot water dispenser

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Hot water dispensers – save energy, water and time

Perfect for tea, hot drinks and much more

No preheating, no waiting time. The turbo hot water dispensers by CASO Design always only heat as much water as needed – in a few seconds and at the desired temperature. This allows to save precious water and up to 50% on electricity compared to standard electric kettles. The water temperature can be set between 40 and 100 °C – perfect for preparing any kind of hot drinks such as tea, instant coffee, instant noodles, baby food and much more.


7 temperature and quantity settings

Thanks to the temperature setting in steps of 10 °C (between 40 or 45 and 100 °C, depending on the model), the perfect water temperature for each type of tea can quickly and easily be selected, which also avoids cooling times. At the same time, CASO turbo hot water dispensers allow to save up to 50% on energy, water and time compared to a standard electric kettle, as they always only heat as much water as desired, and within a few seconds.

The water quantity can be set between 100 and 400 ml (in 7 steps of 50 ml), or continuously, as required. Perfect for preparing tea, instant coffee, instant noodles, baby food and much more.

The perfect choice for all types of tea

Tea connoisseurs know that each type of tea needs its individual water temperature to fully develop its perfect flavour. Boiling water would for example destroy delicate green or white teas. An excessively high temperature makes them bitter, while a too low temperature does not allow them to fully develop their flavour. The particular flavour can only develop at the right temperature. To preserve the delicate flavours of green and white teas, it is recommended to prepare them with 70 °C hot water.

Black teas, fruit and herbal teas, however, should be prepared with 100 °C hot water. Oolong on the other hand needs a temperature of 90 to 95 °C to fully develop its flavour.

For an ideal water quality

To guarantee a perfect water quality, CASO turbo hot water dispensers are, depending on the model, equipped with a water filter. These filters are used to improve the water quality and reduce the formation of limescale. Furthermore, they reduce chlorine, organic substances, metallic substances such as copper, lead, zinc, cadmium and mercury. However, important minerals and oligo-elements are preserved.

CASO hot water dispenser filters are available in practical sets of 3.


Hot water is good for the body

To do something good for your body, drink a glass of hot water each morning. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), hot water has always been used for its detoxifying properties. Hot water does not only help to fight colds, but also to burn calories, give more energy and a more beautiful complexion and ease pain – in short: it improves the general condition.